Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hanging Low with Saint Barbara

Winter Break continues down in Santa Barbara:

John has a visitor at his new apartment...

A visitor that makes itself quite at home...
Quatchi is like, WTF?

But then the kitteh moved on to greener pastures...

And we went hiking to find 'the playground,'
which is actually just a bunch of rocks.

The branch behind my head is in an unfortunate position...

Fog and sunshine

Other people at what was rumored to be 'The Sphinx'

Hairy plants!

We will definitely go back to explore more, but Solvang called....

We needed a giant custard-filled Danish pretzel, or Kringle,
for a birthday beach bbq later on...

You can count on Olsen's Danish Village Bakery.

And it turns out that Solvang has a brewery now!!!

More pictures to come!

Good morning, other kitteh!

Time for Arts and Crafts:
Getting crafty with felt

Stained glass!

I didn't make the glass,
but I did solder the edge...

Toaster Oven Apple Crisp!

Now for a tour around John's studio:



"Library / Music Studio"

Tomorrow we head back to the Bay to get me ready for school.


  1. Awesome pictures! I want to bite the Kringle.

  2. My Q clan also gets jealous when others invade their space, too. (unless the visitor is a Quatchi) But really, who can resist a kitty?