Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend John came up for a surprise visit!
To celebrate I have been cooking up a storm...

Here we have fingerling potato and shiitake mushroom flatbread, lasagna soup, blood orange avocado arugula salad and homemade tiramisu for dessert!!!!!!

White truffle oil, to my unsophisticated palate, tastes weird.
The jury is still out on this one.

Lasagna soup is good, though.
Paula Deen says, It tastes like lasagna, y'all!!!

John's hand drawn lolcat-inspired card and homemade tiramisu...

 Small new friends.

Next day we had to visit the Chinese consulate
in San Francisco for a travel visa.
Nothing like lunch at Brenda's to ease the pain
of long lines and bureaucratic red tape.
I had chicken etouffee and John had the catfish po'boy.

Then we checked out the latest exhibit at SFMOMA:

This vine was 25 years old!
(before it became art)

Giving it a sniff.

We followed our MOMA visit with cocktails
at the Thermidor on Mint Plaza and then we watched Bottleshock,
which chronicles how California wine first schooled the French.

 This morning's menu:
  Blood orange mimosas with bacon egg avocado tostadas...
[It must be a miracle that we do not weigh 500 lbs.]

Then we brewed an overly hopped Porter, aka Black IPA.
Hops, yeast and malt ready to go.

 Whoa, that is a foamy boil!

Tomorrow we are going to the Lunar New Year Celebration
at the Oakland Museum of CA!!

Here are some photos:

Sha mo mo!
Himalayan dumplings!

Vietnamese music.

Sweet jackets.

Mochi pounding.

Inside there was a new art exhibit:

It was Creepy!

There was rain falling on this house.

You could cross a bridge and sit inside.
 This was the only picture on the wall...

We spotted this on the way home:

Time for fish tacos!

What a good weekend!

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