Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quatchi goes to Macau

Before catching a plane, Quatchi decided to take the ferry to Macau:
Temples and Casinos

At first glance it was like any other Chinese city


But the Portuguese colonial architecture was definitely unique!


Quatchi was not the only one who wanted to see it:


The Ruins of St. Paul Church

A little Portuguese enclave 
away from the tourist craziness

Quatchi, the gambler

The Pearl River

Later, during our layover in Taipei:
Quatchi and I became Taiwanese tribes people.

Most fascinating airport terminal ever.

Quatchi rides the bull.

Quatchi also rides the people mover...

The End!

Guangzhou photo!!! last day.

Our last lecture:

Working hard/late to finish our presentations:

 Final presentations:

Farewell banquet:

I don't know what this was, but it was delicious:

These mushroom cups are also fun:
but eating peanuts with chopsticks is hard.

Fish head two ways

Sampling the fish head

Then suddenly we were on a train to Hong Kong:

On the Star Ferry to Kowloon:

Apparently it was 'Earth Hour' but none of us noticed...

Dining at the Temple Street Night Market

On the subway home:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Guangzhou photo!! Back to Guangzhou.

Back in Guangzhou we decided to treat ourselves to pizza hut:
Chinese pizza hut is much fancier than American pizza hut.

"Atlantic salmon pizza"

"New Orleans pizza"

It's true that pizza did bring us together.

The Chinese students wanted to hit the mall for more food,
but the food court was closed.

 We hit the night market instead.


market dogs