Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guangzhou photo!! Day One.

We are back.
 China was awesome.
Here is the first round of photos.

Guangzhou to the left!

Many more photos after the jump.

Zhujiang New Town is epic.

 Opera House

TV Tower

Crazy sidewalk lights

Guangzhou - home of the five magical goats...

Hot pot-flavored potato chips
Intense and stimulating?
Numb and spicy?

Quatchi settles in for our first night in China

First day in class!

We went on a village tour:
First stop: Shipai village!

Roosters for sale

Incredible density!!!

Kittehs for sale!
One student told me old Cantonese eat them... :(

Next stop: demolished village

International Leisure Experience Block

New historic buildings

No more village
Make way for high rises

Old and new

Who needs Craigslist when you can advertise in a tree?

Guangzhou - home of the giant peanut

This restaurant is choose your own adventure...



Beautiful crabs


Giant water beetles?

Sea cucumber?

Luckily we ordered somewhat normal food:
 Before                              After

Watermelon for dessert

Village #3: Longmei, last year's study site

Tile varieties

Ancient ruins

Cartoon Street is actually home to video game machine sellers...

Last village:

Welcome banquet!!!
Dishes included:
whole fish!
beef organs!
cornmeal pancakes!
sugary potatoes!
and of course,
numerous kinds of tofu!

More photos to come!


  1. WOW! Great photos, Shannon! The Five Goats look
    like mischief. And I wonder if eating kitteh are
    intense and stimulating and numb and spicy as
    well? Probably depends on the sauce. :/

    I can't wait to see more photos!