Monday, March 28, 2011

Guangzhou photo!! Days on campus.

This is where we would meet every morning.

--more photos after the jump--

Not so shabby!
This is our official poster (with lots of glare)

The amazing Dumpling lunch!
Nothing like listening to lecture to work up an appetite.

Served chopstick grab style

Revenge of the camera

Slurping is a good sign!

After lunch we visited the Architecture studios...

Post-lunch lectures were a little crazy with the diagrams...

Time for dinner!
Giant noodles!

We had milk pudding at this place
and I did not realize until after we left that
I could have had ginger milk pudding here.
It also turned out that they served ginger milk pudding on campus,
but I also did not find that out until we had left...
therefore I had no ginger milk pudding :(
but normal milk pudding was delicious!

Crazy shopping street

Crazy shopping plaza

The next day we had street foods for lunch,
and then promptly got lost on campus
and finally made it back to the hotel covered in mud and sweat.

Eventually we formed study teams...

Then we went sightseeing in old Guangzhou:
Shamian Island
The old colonial district

No lying on the subway

The next day we left for the village!!!

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