Monday, March 28, 2011

Guangzhou photo!! Jiutan Village.

  Before we went to "our" village, we went to another village:
 It had been "preserved,"
which meant no one lived there anymore.


The new construction is where the villagers actually live...

This dog did not want to be photographed.

Later on, a little old lady let us inside her house:
Her kitchen table

Her shelves

Her incense holder

Her rooftop garden

 Her view

Her neighbors' houses

 Chatting with the lady

Lovely bridge

An old school

Communist propaganda (in red)

Time for lunch!

More strange snacks
Lemon tea flavor potato chips...
You better believe I brought some back.

Yet another epic lunch,
including such things as chicken feet and more beef organs...

Then we went to "our" village:
First impression: not so nice.

This pond was not so bad...

My Chinese field partners, Michelle and Lan.

Clothing factory

Nice trees

"Jiutan" actually means nine ponds...

Old and new

Chatting with some villagers...

Roof dogs

Village agriculture

"New" housing

This man wanted us to take a photo of his dog.

The meeting spot.

The next day we continued our data collection:
Chatting with the butcher...

This bathroom had holes that dropped straight to the pond,
which worried us a little.
Later we learned that these ponds are fed
by wastewater from the houses.

The villagers built this bamboo structure in order to receive greater compensation for the pond area
in case the government decides to seize this land.

The quality of drinking water was a big concern among villagers.

Chatting with more villagers about the ponds...

The village is paid  over 10,000 year to protect forest in those mountains.

Later on we took a detour to the nearby daoist temple.

 The mighty dao

Epic landscaping on an epic street

The Guangdong Greenway along the Tianma River

A good start

We met with the Communist Party Secretary for the village (left):
This is Henry, holding their plan for environmental improvement.

After a hard day of fieldwork we settled in for hotpot:
Mixed spicy / not spicy pot

Then we went back to the village to check out the nightlife:
The villagers dance together!

Our final day in the village:
dried flowers

staircase to nowhere

dried cabbage

village dog

nice tree

our last lunch in the village:

CJ caught a fly with his chopsticks!!!!!!

abandoned factories

Goodbye, Jiutan!

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