Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mac n Cheese FEST!!!

 So the latest issue of Bon Appetit was all about Mac and Cheese.
I took my copy with me down to Santa Barbara to visit John
and then we went on a mac and cheese quest.

We made three kinds of
delicious mac n cheese in one night!!
The clear winner.

Also totally delicious

Not bad, but third place compared to the others.
We still have a tub of this one...

Here is Remo, staying out of the rain, 
wishing he had mac and cheese.

On Saturday it was not rainy so we went hiking:
McMenemy Trail 
Part trail, part river

Nice views, as usual

But then it started SNOWING!!!
in Santa Barbara!!

We escaped into the woods.

This is supposed to be a nice swimming hole in the summer,
but not on this day...

Enough hiking in the snow.
Time to go home and eat more mac n cheese.
 On Sunday we watched the Oscars:
At the Arlington Theater on State Street!
This place is super cool, but the Oscars were super boring.

Just another fun weekend in SB.

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