Monday, April 18, 2011

Olema Valley Trail

John and I went for a nice hike in Point Reyes this weekend:

No dogs allowed in Dogtown :(

I was on a quest to see spring wildflowers:
Redwood violet - Viola sempervirens
The Fiala family namesake
(Fiala is Czech for violet, according to the internet)

These Bleeding Hearts are not very bloody...

En route to Fir Top

So many violets!

Olema Valley

Douglas iris - Iris douglasiana

Alumroot in bloom

Vertical seep

Fivefinger fern

Trillium - three petals, three sepals, three leaves

What a great hike!

Goggie guards the sidewalk in Point Reyes Station

A series of owls by the local children!

This one is my fave.

On the way home we stopped at Marin Brewing Company!
Chocolate porter and Orange-and-black

This bug wanted my beer...

So did John...
Now we are refreshed and ready for another week!


  1. Awesome owl drawlings! What is an orange and black?

  2. An orange-and-black is a tangerine-flavored black ipa, in honor of the Giants... it was not bad.