Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Made in Madrid

I made it!
Here are some photos fresh off my new camera:
Paris from the air
Meanders of the Seine

Bordeaux from the air
with the Garonne River

The first thing I spotted in Madrid was:
A statue of Don Quixote!!!

I didn't realize this church was so large until I saw the people on the stairs...

There is all this open space to the west of Madrid...

This Spanish dog looked like he was panhandling.

Many more to come!

My first impression of Madrid is that it is smaller than I expected, but I wonder if that is because I most recently was in China where everything is enormous. I am really happy to finally visit Spain after visiting so many of its colonies. In many ways, I can see the similarities, such as a love for pedestrian malls and shoe stores, but I also see the similarities between Spain and any other European country...

Despite jet lag and not sleeping for two days, I might go out and walk around in order to not be completely lame on my first night in the party capitol of the world!!!!

More photos from Madrid:
 View from my hostel balcony


Cool murals:

I think this is a palace...

Watching a performance in an art museum:

The art of Yayoi Kusama:

She likes polka dots.

Parque El Buen Retiro:
 Spanish squirrels are black!

Longest protest ever:

Still going 24 hours later...

Museo de Jamon!!!
(Ham Museum)

Tomorrow I am flying to Lisbon!!
And it is my birthday.

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