Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Channel Islands are Awesome

On the boat:

seal raft

With 25mph winds the waves were enormous -
like 30 feet tall!

All trips were cancelled but one
and people who were supposed to go to other islands
were shifted to Santa Cruz...

Somehow we saw a whale in the waves
and they stopped the boat,
but when I went to take a picture...


Luckily there are photos of what we saw on the internets.

When we arrived, we put our stuff down
and went for a hike to Cavern Point and Potato Harbor:

 It was beautiful but so windy!!

We went back to camp to eat dinner and wondered if we would see any endemic Island Foxes. Then as we looked around we saw one, then two! but they were misbehaving. Our neighbors had left their gear around their camps. One fox was on top of a box of Franzia, trying to rip into it! I ran over and chased it away to stop it from drinking Franzia, but it was after a small cliff bar that had fallen in the top of the box.

Up to no good...

Another fox was digging through some gear that had been left out and found what looked like food, but was actually a glow stick. Luckily it only bit it once before it figured it out. I scared it off, but later that night even after the campers had returned the fox was trying to get into their tent!!! It gradually unzipped it with its paw as I watched and then I yelled in surprise when it jumped in. Unfortunately at the same moment the campers lit their camp table on fire while trying to cook dinner and were less concerned about the fox than burning down the whole island.
Next day we went for an epic hike to the middle of the island:
First landmark is this old oil well.
Reminiscent of 'There will be blood.'

We tried the camera but it was still not working. 
This is basically what it was like...

Our end goal was a stand of elusive island pines:

We hiked back and found our campground overrun with new people. We had been under the impression that we needed to pack lightly, as though we were backpacking, but most people packed as though they were car camping with aforementioned jugs of Franzia and cases of Tecate. We ate an enormous amount of pasta with our modest liter of organic boxed wine. Then played hearts with our neighbors.

The next morning John tried the camera
and it started working again....

We hiked down to Smuggler's Cove:


Bye Santa Cruz Island!

I am so happy that we were able to visit the Channel Islands while John still lived in Santa Barbara! Hopefully we can go back sometime with a working camera! The islands are worth a visit if you ever have a chance.

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  1. Those foxes sounds hilarious. That's a shame about
    your camera but you still got some amazing photos!

    Thanks for sharing them! :)