Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fotomania: Italia

4These photos start in Nice,
which I realize now after visiting Italy,
is France's answer to Italy.

"All the first world convenience of France with all the fun of Italy, like gelato, narrow streets and Italian restaurants!!!"
 Narrow streets


 Snacks like Pissaladiere
aka French pizza
Beautiful coastline

Happy tourists!

"Sandy" beaches

Hot beach dudes!

Intriguing sculpture!

Convenient easy-to-use public transportation 

 Nevertheless with anxious premonitions we left Nice. As you know from our previous Italian post,
we ran into trouble almost immediately...

La Spezia,
where we spent some time
waiting for the next train
after we missed our connection...

River Arno in Pisa,
where we had a layover, not long enough to walk to the leaning tower with our bags, on our way to Florence.
Florence, as it turns out, is quite beautiful.

This is the stunning Duomo, aka the Cathedral
   The 'You are here' has been erased by the infinite number of index fingers that touched it.

Inside the Duomo

Crawling with tourists

Amazing bridges 

  River Arno

These brothers make delicious little sandwiches
Square gelato!!

Square fireworks!
(just kidding)

"Checking out" of our sketchy "hotel"

As you may remember, we decided to rent a car,
in order to drive around Tuscany:
Fiat 500, you are mine (for one day)

John gets acquainted with the Fiat

First stop:
Greve in Chianti

Market day!

Where Chianti is made

Second stop:
Castellina in Chianti 
Italian laundry

Refreshment break

Tuscan countryside!!!

Third stop:
San Gimignano

Don't touch

Italian drawing on a pizza box

Third stop:

Tuscan clock tower

Sweet map

John reenacting 'New Moon'

Creepy art gallery

Possibly one of the coolest photos I have ever taken!
(That's my hand holding the camera in the shadow)

High speed self-portrait

Fourth stop:

An old school Fiat 500

Italian aperitivo aka happy hour!

Fifth stop:

After a long day of driving we were planning to 'camp' outside Siena:

Italian camping is not very hard core

In the morning we wandered through Siena:

John indulges his obsession of stepping into medieval doorways

Random acts of medieval flag twirling

After returning the car to the 'kind' staff at Avis, 
we 'easily' caught a train to Naples
(see other Italian post for details):

Neopolitan pizza!

Nativity Scenes on the streets of Naples

More pizza

Crazy facades

Naples has numerous funiculars!!!

Blogger is cutting me off on photos in this post.
See Fotomania: Italia, part 2 for pictures from Rome!

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