Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Suppli!!! Snacking like the Romans do

When we were in Rome we had these delicious rice balls stuffed with various toppings, like ham and mushroom or tomato and mozzarella. We got them at a pizza shop that had a neon sign that said 'Suppli' over the door. We thought that was the name of the place, then we realized they were advertising this snack. I had no idea it was even possible to squish rice into a ball, bread it, and then deepfry it, but it is delicious!!! So, as usual, we tried to make it, with a recipe courtesy of the Food Network. Mario Batali knows what's up with Italian snacks, but his recipe was slightly different so we also tried to replicate the ones we had in Rome.

Step 1. Cook rice and filling

 Step 2. Mix egg and parmesan in hot rice

Step 3. Squish into a ball

Step 4. Squish cheez into the middle

Step 5. Roll in breadcrumbs 

Step 6. Bake (instead of deep-fry) 

They were good, but baked is not quite as good as fried, unsurprisingly.

Our Roman suppli:

truffle oil
bread crumbs
olive oil

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