Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mi Lindo Yucatan

Two weeks ago I embarked on a solo journey to the Yucatan peninsula with some apprehension about traveling alone in a country plagued by violence and even more terrifyingly, to speak at a conference, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience!

My first stop was Cancun, land of cheap flights and giant hotels:
A seemingly abandoned market in downtown Cancun 

Street carnitas! 

Blue raspberry waters 

Finally found the perfect beach spot 

Boat parking on Isla Mujeres 

Boats, palms and sand 

Next day I went down the coast to Tulum:
Mayans had good taste in building locations 

Watch out for turtle eggs! 

Swimming like the Mayans swam

Next day I went west to Valladolid:
Panuchos and sablutes (taco varieties) with a papaya smoothie!

Biking to the cenotes! 

Cenote #1 

A little murky but still lovely 

Biking through the jungle - en route to more cenotes 

The little town of Dzitzip

Cenote #2: Swimming in a cave

Caution: Slepering

There were two other cenotes on this bike tour: one that was basically a round pool in the middle of a town square and another that I missed because of torrential rain.... but it looked like this:

Stupid rain made me miss the turn.

Next day I went to Ek Balam 

Guardian of the ruins 

So steep! 

Mayan artistry 

Mayans priest must have been fit! 

Another cenote - my favorite! 

Little catfishes 

Where are all the taxis? 

Hostel chihuahuas 

Next day: Chichen Itza! 

The Mayans were hard core 

Another cenote! 

Very touristy but still fun 

Waiting out the rain 

Nighttime in Merida 

I spent my last night in Mexico at the beach in Progreso
where I stumbled upon this fair.

Mexico is such a great place for a vacation!
I highly recommend the Yucatan peninsula.

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  1. Great photos, Shanu! They make me want to go on vacation!