Monday, August 8, 2011

Sonoma County Weekend

After three weeks of working hard in Berkeley, 
we needed a summer break from
dreary cold Bay Area weather.

Sonoma County delivered!   

Historic streets of Guerneville 

Good for summer sidewalk people watching 

Champagne tasting at Korbel!

Down to the river for a dip! 

Cooling off with watermelon wheat! 

Down at the river mouth 

Sonoma Coast dunes 

Goat Rock 

Steep beaches 

Golden sunsets 

We camped at Armstrong Redwoods!

Next afternoon:
Russian River Brewing Co. Consecration and Supplication
Belgian sours conditioned in wine barrels!

Asian calamari at Aleworks! 

A sad sight 

Buying tickets to the Sonoma County Fair! 

Hall of Flowers 

Hungry goats 

Will they eat skirts?
They might, if you let them. 

Giant cows! 

Horse racing! 

Pig showcasing! 

Mutton Rodeo! 

Hang on, kid! 

Mutton on the loose 

Battle of wills 

Oof! Good thing they wear helmets... 

 Jump dog! Splash dog!

Scary fair rides 

Winner of the ugliest cake contest 

Winner of the Funnel Cake contest!

Sonoma County is a great place
for a summer weekend!

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