Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hog Island Picnic

On Monday I organized a Labor Day picnic for my graduate school classmates. As it turns out, many of them were out of town, but a group of us had a good time shucking oysters and enjoying the views at Hog Island Oyster Farm on Tomales Bay! 

Hog Island 

Beautiful Tomales Bay

Ready for the pic-a-nic

Bailey the dog is ready to picnic


Blake from Georgia make a Georgian favorite:
Buttermilk Pie

"Small" was not so small 

 Round two!



I <3 Tomales Bay and Hog Island Oyser Co.!!!

Revisiting S'Cruz

This Labor Day weekend we took a quick trip down to Santa Cruz to camp one last time before the rain starts and to see some parks we have heard about, but never visited. We set off without much of a plan down Highway 17, only to have our Labor Day adventure quickly hindered by traffic, but we detoured down Highway 9 and it was a great way to see the tiny Santa Cruz mountain towns! We blew past Big Basin State Park, thinking we would go back if Henry Cowell was full, which it was, but then we followed signs to another camping place and were mislead by a historic railroad park, a reservoir with no camping, and a boy scout camp. Labor Day was not going so well, but luckily the nice kiosk lady at the reservoir directed us to Bob's Pine Grove, which was basically this old lady's backyard, where we camped within a couple miles of downtown Santa Cruz!

Bob's Pine Grove

Saturday night at the SC Boardwalk 

Looking back from the Lost Boys bridge 

Deep-friend everything 

Riding the Giant Dipper! 

Pirate boat 

Creepy Sal 

After the boardwalk we found the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery!
I tried their Ollalieberry beer!
John had a black IPA. 

The next morning we went hiking at Henry Cowell SP:


Creepy trail napkin,
like something out of a horror movie
"The Napkin" 

What a great little trip!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thanks J+J for the gift of Magnolia!!

Special thanks to brother Josh and sister-in-law Jeannette for a birthday gift card to Magnolia Pub and Brewery. Now that I started my internship in San Francisco, I wanted to use it as soon as possible! So we went tonight and had a blast. I tried their Landlady Ale and John tried their Weekapaug Gruit, which didn't have any hops and was weird, but an adventure. We weren't sure if we were going to get food until we looked at the menu and saw all sorts of stuff we wanted to try, such as....

Pulled pork poutine! 

Yum, it even had gravy and squeaky cheese. 

Here's John looking guilty for sneaking fries
while I was taking pictures with my new iPhone.
[I am so fancy.]

We also wanted to try the Seafood Boudin sausage
with dirty grits, which was pretty amazing!

And we shared this grilled watermelon salad
with chili goat cheese and bacony goodness.

I want din dins. 

All in my belly. 

Stout of circumstance and dessert menu

Here's John contemplating the beer ice cream sandwich,
but we were too full...  

Magnolia's cool art 

Thanks again Josh and Jeannette!
Magnolia awaits you next time you are in SF.

Name that lagoon!

 For my new Ocean Beach Master Plan internship at the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR) Association, I am researching examples of coastal lagoons. Can you name these lagoons?