Monday, October 3, 2011

What have we been up to for the past month since our last post?

Well, lots of things, too many things, in fact.
Here is a recap.

Trips to the Beach:
Ocean Beach has issues,
but through my internship I will solve them!

Trips to Santa Barbara:
Complete with creepy odometer readings! 

Adventures in Cat-sitting!
Meet Pickleweed. 

Trips to Cincinnati!

Barrel Races!

Ohio River boats!


 Adventures in beer brewing:
Too much carbonation + Fort George growler = BEER BOMB 

Eat Real Festival in Oakland:

Market Street Walking Tours in San Francisco:
Ferry Building 

Handlebar bird 

An unfortunate case of foot poison oak:
...from the shoes I wore hiking a month ago 
in Santa Cruz and had since washed...

Silver lining?
I may be the only person in the last hundred and fifty years
who can say that they got poison oak
while walking down Market Street in San Francisco.

And finally, first time to the Fox Theater in Oakland!
Beirut is my fave.

Hopefully October will be a more bountiful blog posting month than September!

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