Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another month in pictures: November

The highlight of November was Errin and Chak's wedding in Portland. Such a wonderful, beautiful, creative and cultural wedding! Other things happened like the end of classes and the end of John's and my relationship, but do not fear! As I have been the only author for awhile now, the pearoo blog will continue as a place to share my pictures with family and friends.

Off to Portland:
Sunset as I fly up the coast 

I went straight from the airport into a bachelorette party:
 Tammy on the roof of a bar in downtown Portland

Too many shots


The next morning we went on a brewery tour despite the rain:
Cascade House of Sour!
[Look how happy I am about sour beer!]

Bethany was also very happy to be tasting so many sour beers.

Some were better than others...

...but it was so much fun!

Next stop was Hair of the Dog.

Meanwhile Errin was decorated for the Hindu ceremony.

We had a low key night of food truck korean tacos and movies because...

The next day was the wedding!
As I found out, Hindu wedding ceremonies are like a four hour long play with scenes and props. 

My favorite part was when Chak had to 'leave for Varanasi with an umbrella to escape the married life.'

So many garlands!

Bethany, John and the Indian lunch buffet.

In between weddings we sampled more Portland microbrews.

Then we witnessed Errin's beautiful transformation: 
For the Jewish ceremony! 

At the Portland Art Museum

My butter balls.

Checking out the galleries.
Dancing the night away.

I, in fact, danced straight onto the plane...

Mount Hood at dawn

Such a wonderful wedding!!
Congratulations to Errin and Chak!

In other news this November:
There were protests on Berkeley's campus.

The rain made pretty leaf prints on the sidewalks.

I graded my last ES10 problem set. Ever.

I noticed Berkeley's intellectual Parking Restrictions.

There was a Breaking Dawn billboard on my roof.

A small tiger came to Thanksgiving Dinner.

John Brian aka Nonagon played a show.

Holiday decorations arrived at Hearst Mining.

And now the egg nog and holiday parties are in full swing.

Happy holidays!

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