Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Sur: Camping in December is Cold

This weekend/week I embarked on a spontaneous solo winter camping adventure. I decided to camp down at Big Sur because I had driven through numerous times, but had never really stopped and hiked...

The first stop on any peninsular trip:

Best Burrito Ever

I followed dinner with a movie at the Nickelodeon:
Melancholia was beautiful, but perhaps not the best movie to watch immediately before sleeping alone in the cold woods.

South | North

I stopped for breakfast in Monterey:
Happy Girl Kitchen's persimmon oat scone!

Big Sur, for real:

 Big Sur River, as it flows through Pfieffer Big Sur State Park:

I set off for a hike:

Oak Grove Trail

Big Sur Valley

Then I went to Pfeiffer Beach for sunset:

It was prettier than I expected.



Back at my campsite:
I made a fire!

Next day further south:

Birds collect at the mouth of the Big Sur River

Big Sur.
So beautiful!

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  1. I had a question! I am planning on going in late November. Was it unbearably cold? I have gone in early October before and it wasn't too bad.