Friday, January 6, 2012

Acting like tourists in Chicago

Although my family has visited Chicago countless times, we have never ventured too far from Wrigley Field. So we decided to go to Chicago to act like tourists for a few days.

Old and new

Skyline from the Navy Pier

Can you see Michigan on the other side?

Chicago Dogs!
(already in our bellies)

Chicago River crossing

 Chicago Gate:
Known locally as 'The Bean'

Frank Gehry amphitheater...
and pedestrian walkway to the Institute of Art

Riding the CTA:
We didn't even realize Chicago had a subway!

Sampling brews at Goose Island

Giordano's famous 'stuffed' pizza:

Ride the train to the dunes!
(if only you still could)

We started the next day right with Ann Sather's cinnamon rolls:

Followed by a trip to Wrigley Field!

Roof bleachers on Waveland St.

On the way home we found an awesome brewery in Sawyer, MI:
Greenbush Brewing Co.

Then we swung by Saugatuck Brewing for one more round:

Their Neapolitan Milk Stout is so good!

What a great trip to Chicago!

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