Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Digest

January, like most months, has gone by too quickly. My last semester of school has started and I suspect that life is only going move faster and be busier until May. Here are some photos to recap:

Early on in the month, I went on my first East Bay Bike Party:

Strenuous and cold, but really fun!

 I also went on a hike to Mount Tamalpais:
Alpine Reservoir, looking good

My hiking friends Allie and Josh

Bolinas Ridge

Bon Tempe Reservoir and the Rock Garden

Rock algae

Josh and Mount Tam

Another great brunch at Cafe Biere with Errin:
Can you spot the horchata mimosa?

I also participated in a SPUR intern bocce tournament, but somehow forgot to take any pictures.

Checking out Indian Rock Park with Lisa:

Super cool park in the Berkeley Hills!

My business class kick-off meeting:
On the 47th floor of the Bank of America building in San Francisco

Followed by dinner in Chinatown with city planning friends:

Bringing homebrew to a school party:

 Celebrating birthdays at Jupiter:

 Foggy bus rides across the Bay Bridge:
The Bay is under there somewhere.

SPUR intern arm wrestling tournaments:
at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Co.

Sitting in on the Angel Island Conservancy Board Retreat:

 Great sunsets from the Berkeley Rose Garden:

Birthday Taiwanese Hot Pot parties:

Mr. Beech Mushroom

My first dinner guest!
My friend Allie came over to eat dinner on my tiny table.

Fun times in January!

Check out my pots!

Last semester I took a pottery class and I realized I never took pictures or showed off the fruits of my labor... here they are!

My pot collection:

In all their blurry iPhone photo glory.