Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day two: Visit to the Port of Sines

Here are some photos from our site visit to the town and Port of Sines!

First we stopped by the old town of Sines

Said hello to Vasco da Gama

Wished for nice beach weather...

Then went on a tour of the Port:

 Then we went to the town of Santo Andre,
a community planned for the workers of the Port in the 1980's
They call this the 'Pink Panther' neighborhood

Odd row houses

A sad public park

Pepto bismol pink

This was about when a local man said I was 'crazy' for my strange photography.

Skateboarder mural

A lonely tire swing

Down by the beach, only 2km away...

They have coarse sand

Working hard

Back in the town of Sines at the Castle
for beer and snacks

Then dinner at the Town Hall!
Another great day in Portugal

Monday, March 19, 2012

Some pictures of Lisbon for you

Day one was great! 

Tomorrow we are going to visit our study site, Sines.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How do you say 'spring break' in Portuguese?

Guess what? I am in Portugal!

This spring break I am participating in the European Workshop for Waterfront Urban Design. I am excited to be back in Lisbon and to contribute to this new project.

More posts on EWWUD to follow, 
but first I want to tell you about my journey:
car parked
bart ride
air train

St. Patrick's Day Flash Mob at SFO
"Tonight's going to be a good night"
Too bad I was stuck in line...

Terminal 2 seems to have had a makeover, but I have never seen an airport yoga room in any airport but San Francisco's...

 I found the time for an airport Guinness:

The flight to New York seemed longer than the flight from Nyc to London... 

My St. Patrick's Day drinking situation seemed pretty bleak in JFK:
Stefon says, "New York's hottest club is Drink."
Just kidding.

I haven't been to New York since spring break 2002 when I was a senior in college visiting Josh and Jeannette! 

I need to come back for reals sometime soon.

This Irish pub was out of Guinness on St. Patrick's Day.
That's what I call bad planning.

This bar was also out of Guinness.

Luckily I found one at a steakhouse.
I am not sure whether it was:
New York inflation
+Steakhouse inflation
+St. Patrick's Day inflation
+Price rising to meet a limited airport supply of Guinness
Or all of the above, but this Guinness cost $9.70!
I think it was worth it, but it cured me of my desire to drink more at Heathrow...

Stay tuned for more Portuguese spring break waterfront news! 

Live from beautiful Lisbon

UK Crisps

I have not been to London in
about eight years since my solo trip to the UK in 2004.
I forgot that Heathrow airport is about as busy and retail-oriented
as a mall before Christmas!

London is close to Shannon

Luckily amidst all the retail madness I found the Olympic store:

London 2012 Olympic mascots still creepy as ever!

Buy me for your children!

As I walked around I remembered that one of my favorite things to do the last time I was in England was to look at the crazy sandwich and potato chip flavors that they sell... 

So I walked into all the stores and took pictures of their potato chips.
I am a weird American tourist if there ever was one.

So many weird flavors!
I wanted to try them all!

Also weird:
Rio de Janeiro Jesus invites you to take a rest.

One more plane 'til my final destination!