Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun in February

February was crazy busy! 

The month started off with an exhibition set-up at SPUR:
Making straight lines with laser beams! 

 The exhibit is about earthquake safety.

After that, Shelley and I had a bonfire at Ocean Beach!

I also brewed some beer!
Neopolitan stout like Saugatuck Brewing Co.!
(see the strawberry flavor on the left?)

I attended the Mayors Economic Forecast in Oakland.

We celebrated my friend Crystal's 30th birthday at Revival!

Josh and Jeannette sent me a Celtics bracelet!

Another brewing beer or the universe?

Quite the set-up!

I saw my friend John Brian push buttons that make music!

I also went to Lake Tahoe!
Kitty Glitter Slot Machines in Harrah's...

Kirkwood's beautiful meadow!

So happy to be cross country skiing!

Tahoe mountains

My lunch spot

Nicely groomed paths through the woods

This shot was an accident, but it is kind of cool!

Yellow willows and blue skies

I occasionally cooked up a storm...

I also did some fieldwork in East Oakland for my city planning methods class:
Delicious driveway tacos!

Bright blue convenience stores

I will take one of each.

The next day I did fieldwork for my Haas class on Angel Island:
Why take the ferry?

When you could ride on a...

Nice views of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Like I said, February was awesome :)

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