Sunday, March 18, 2012

UK Crisps

I have not been to London in
about eight years since my solo trip to the UK in 2004.
I forgot that Heathrow airport is about as busy and retail-oriented
as a mall before Christmas!

London is close to Shannon

Luckily amidst all the retail madness I found the Olympic store:

London 2012 Olympic mascots still creepy as ever!

Buy me for your children!

As I walked around I remembered that one of my favorite things to do the last time I was in England was to look at the crazy sandwich and potato chip flavors that they sell... 

So I walked into all the stores and took pictures of their potato chips.
I am a weird American tourist if there ever was one.

So many weird flavors!
I wanted to try them all!

Also weird:
Rio de Janeiro Jesus invites you to take a rest.

One more plane 'til my final destination!

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