Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Workshop: Week two

Site visit #2 to Santo Andre
Pines and City

Enormous fire breaks

I wandered into the woods to explore the connection
between the town and the ocean

I found the ocean

That guy biked to the ocean

This picture seemed to sum up the region:
Sun + Pines + Sand Dunes = Alentejo

Grocery shopping back in Lisbon

Polish and Portuguese drinking 'Buffalo Grass Vodka'

Our daily commute:
we would walk these stairs to get from the school to the hostel!

Working working working

 Some photos from the other final presentations:
Considering the Port

Considering the area in-between the two study towns

Creative ideas for lookout towers

Our final board  

My team!

Last dinner!

The next day we went to the '98 Expo site:
It was pretty cool

Relaxing in the wave

Acting silly

Later on at the grocery store:
Mountains of bacalhau
Portuguese salted cod

On Sunday:
Ladies selling palms

Tram jam

Palm Sunday

In the village of Alcantara:

Goodbye Lisbon Old Town Hostel!

My last Portuguese espresso :'(

Another great visit to Portugal!

Workshop: Weekend fun

Here are some photos from our weekend off!

On Saturday we rode the tram to visit the castle

Checking out the viewpoint
These are my favorite Germans

Roofs of Libson

Viewpoint over Tejo River

Golden Gate Bridge?

Cats at the Castle!

Sardines for lunch

Subway stops


On Sunday we took the train to the nearby village of Sintra:

They have a crazy castle

But we accidentally visited the wrong one!

Castelo dos Mourros

 View of the third castle down in the village

Too quickly the weekend was over and it was...
back to work!

Workshop: Week one

Here are some other photos from the first week!

Our walk to school...

I made a 'model'
representing our study site.

lunchtime walks

my favorite restaurant!

my favorite pedestrianized street!

going to dinner is an undertaking with this many people

on friday after our final presentations we went to visit
Champalimaud, a medical research center with nice architecture

after champalimaud, we walked to Belem,
a village that has been absorbed by Lisbon's sprawl

the main attraction is pasteis de belem
delicious egg custard pastries

when we got back to the hostel,
some of my fellow berkeley students had arrived!

We went out to dinner at my favorite little restaurant and started off the weekend.