Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Workshop: Week two

Site visit #2 to Santo Andre
Pines and City

Enormous fire breaks

I wandered into the woods to explore the connection
between the town and the ocean

I found the ocean

That guy biked to the ocean

This picture seemed to sum up the region:
Sun + Pines + Sand Dunes = Alentejo

Grocery shopping back in Lisbon

Polish and Portuguese drinking 'Buffalo Grass Vodka'

Our daily commute:
we would walk these stairs to get from the school to the hostel!

Working working working

 Some photos from the other final presentations:
Considering the Port

Considering the area in-between the two study towns

Creative ideas for lookout towers

Our final board  

My team!

Last dinner!

The next day we went to the '98 Expo site:
It was pretty cool

Relaxing in the wave

Acting silly

Later on at the grocery store:
Mountains of bacalhau
Portuguese salted cod

On Sunday:
Ladies selling palms

Tram jam

Palm Sunday

In the village of Alcantara:

Goodbye Lisbon Old Town Hostel!

My last Portuguese espresso :'(

Another great visit to Portugal!

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