Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let me tell you, April was crazy!

After getting back from Portugal, I needed to work work work! Back in the grind, there were still some exciting moments worth capturing via iPhone hipstamatic:
Like the publishing of the Ocean Beach edition of SPUR's The Urbanist!

Taking a study break to see Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel
at the Fox Theater in Oakland!

Appreciating the trees at Caffe Strada during office hours

Then I jumped on a train to Los Angeles with some grad schoolmates:

We passed through baby lettuces

We had excellent ocean views

Observation car!

We even had Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch) neighbors,
but I needed to work hard on my presentation...

...for the APA National Conference!
Such a great experience!

Here is the poster I also presented!

Strange wallpaper at the Berkeley reception

We stayed at the guest house of this house...
(Crystal has rich friends)

More pictures from the weekend in LA:
Bars in downtown LA have strange themes...

Cool alley bar in Little Tokyo

Celebrating at Grand Central Market with Crystal!

Followed by retail therapy

Maybe for Halloween?

Bougainvillea and cinder blocks 

Metropolitan Water Company in downtown LA

Car lots and palm trees

Drinking vinho verde at Venice beach!


Then I got back to work work work.

Next weekend:
How could I say no to night kayaking on Tomales Bay?

We were hoping to see 'bioluminescence' but chickened out when we were confronted by a gang of angry seals... 

Treat Yo' Self 2012
My grad school ladies have a great tradition of end of the semester brunch, followed by...

Mani Pedis

We also went to Anna's birthday party.

And then I made a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
that looked like it was clawed by a wolverine,
but tasted delicious.

I also picked up some commencement tickets!!!


And went to a dinner party at Errin's house in the Oakland hills

(Errin is a good cook)

Then I flew off to Charleston:
For the NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship 'matching workshop'

Some photos from Charleston:
You can almost see Fort Sumter from here

Beautiful houses with strange sideways porches...

Charleston's 'painted ladies' on Rainbow Row

Tupelo honey!

BBQ Tacos!

Houses and flags

Poodle statues


Future coastal managers contemplating the ocean
From left to right, Nicole will be placed in Maryland, Maggie will be in San Francisco, Robbie will go to the Pacific Island of Saipan near Guam, Kelsey (not pictured) will go to Seattle, and Kate (not pictured) will go to Delaware. 

And I will go to Boston!!! 

Starting in August, I will be working as the NOAA Fellow in the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. Their office is located in the Boston's north end (i.e. unlimited cannoli!). I will be working with coastal city governments to address erosion issues and sea level rise.

I am also very excited to be a good aunt to my new niece who will arrive in Boston in August.

For the summer I will soak up the west coast, while working at the...
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board!

I am sad to leave the west coast, but this should be a great opportunity to check out life in the east!