Monday, June 4, 2012

May: The end of school and beginning of summer

This month was crazy busy trying to finish school, but I graduated!
And now suddenly I am a working professional again.

Here are some photos from the month:
Here is the nice view from the roof of my building
after my final Client Report presentation

Less than a week after I got back from South Carolina,
my family showed up for graduation!
Celebrating at Magnolia Brewing Co.!

At the new Lands End visitor center

'My future in the turn of a card' 
Seems accurate since I seem to be headed
toward a career in managing sea level rise...

Only in San Francisco would they have preferential parking
for fuel-efficient vehicles...

At the Beach Chalet

Graduation day!

Our amazing view from the stage!!!


On the bus ride home.
Tired from so much celebrating.

But after a recharge we were ready to celebrate more
at Beer Revolution!

Window shopping on Valencia St.

This door leads to Ohio!

I loved seeing my family and
was so happy everyone made it out for graduation!!!
After they all left I finished a few things for school and
went straight into my two summer jobs. 

I celebrated my 31st birthday with a picnic at the park,
but didn't really take any pictures besides this one:
Cramer and his dog in party hats!

The next day I went hiking on Mt. Tam with Chris during the eclipse:

I launched from there straight into my first full week of work in over three years!!
I managed to squeeze in some bocce at Make Westing,
a bar in downtown Oakland with an indoor bocce court!

Stopped by the new cocktail bar, Local Edition:
For SPUR happy hour

Went hiking again on Mt. Tam:
Lost in the woods...

This week I helped SPUR with the table
at the California Academy of Sciences' Nightlife:
Interns and penguins

Marsupials on display

This is cheating because it technically happened in June:
Biking to and hiking at Lands End!

Golden Gate Bridge

Here's to summer fun in the month of June!

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  1. We loved getting to come out to help you celebrate your graduation!

    Awesome photos! That one from the top of your building is incredible!
    Well done!