Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pictures from June

This month's pictures will be non-chronological.
Because I am feeling lazy.

This month I...
I took a road trip to Oregon and Washington.

We drank beers at a new brewery in Portland!

We hiked to my favorite beach EVER

Me and Fiona as we arrived in Portland

Back in California
(Remember: not in order)

Sampling beers at Deschutes in Portland!

Sampling more sour beers at Cascade Brewing!

Pacific Northwest Rainforest

Rainy June day on the way to Seattle

Fireworks in Oakland!

Fort George Brewery in Astoria!

Josh and Jeannette's baby shower!

Cute decorations

The gifts they received from my parents!

Gloomy Seattle

Flying a kite

Gasworks Park


Port Townsend, WA

Back in Portland at Tanner Springs Park

Favorite Park!

Setting up for the Ocean Beach Master Plan
exhibition at SPUR

My supervisor, Ben, arranging rocks

Stealing sand from Ocean Beach

At the opening night party!

Soaking up some sun at the UC Berkeley's Strawberry Canyon pool

Seeing my friend, John Brian, play a show!

Riding the ferry under the Bay Bridge
because there was a massive fire
that temporarily destroyed BART

Preparing for the SPUR Member Party!

Taking over Annie Alley in downtown San Francisco
for the SPUR member party

Hiking to Bass Lake in Marin!

Bass Lake: cold, but refreshing

Swimming at the Russian River!

Russian River!

Me and my friend, Josh

Rope swing!

Russian River 4 Evr

Taco Tuesday at the Lake Chalet

Weekend trip to Yosemite!

Grasses and power lines

Yosemite Falls and parking lots


Pre-hike to Glacier Point

Hiking to Glacier Point

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Relaxing with the fishermen by the Tuolumne River

Brewing beer!

Biere de Mars!

Looks potent already!

Karaoke with school friends!

Another Taco Tuesday at the Lake Chalet

Business meeting at Marin County Civic Center
(Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)

The Elwha River restoration

Rainforests ahead

You can see Canada

Ruby Beach

Eagle > Whale

On the Makah reservation

Cape Flattery

Gorgeous lushness

Pretty cobbles

Tall trees and straight roads

Muddy hikes

June was fun!