Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July in mid-August

Totally forgot about the blog...
August has been a little crazy.
Here are some pictures from July!

I kicked off July with a trip to buy some more plants
for the Ocean Beach exhibition
then we got to ride with them on public transit!

Enjoying some east bay sunshine at
Oakland Art Murmur!

Baby showers for Shelley's 'Sprout'
at San Francisco's Stern Grove

Then I took a trip to Boston!
Mug Club at Parrish!

Manny the Hallway Cat!

Magellan the Business Cat!

Hanging out in the North End

Exploring the Greenway!

Photo collage!

Josh and Jeannette's new house!

Exploring Jamaica Plain!
Insurance Cat

Statue store

Corned beef hash benedict
Delicious gut bomb!

Miracle of Science!

Serious Tour de France watching 

Spontaneous trips to Rhode Island!

Providence Ice Cream Break

Newport Mansions

[Keep Out]

So sad to leave! 

Meanwhile back in CA:
Backpacking trips to the Yuba River!

Ooo's and aaaah's!
Yuba River

Caltrain trips to San Jose!

Anchor Steam Brewery Tours

Mayor's Press Conferences for the Ocean Beach Master Plan!

Drinking all the beers at City Beer Store

My first chicken and waffles
at Lois the Pie Queen!

Hanging out with Pet Turtles

Berkeley Kite Festival

Taco Tuesday at the Lake Chalet!

Good times in July
and good times in August are well under way.