Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August in mid-September!

I keep losing track of time!
Here are some photos from August.
What have I been up to?

Paint tests in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood

A trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park!
Mount Lassen!

Snack break!

Photo break!

No shade for days!



Strong hiking legs at the top!

Back at camp, we ate some corn:

Jumping across meadow creeks!

Exploring volanic stuff!

Mountain meadow lupine

Meanwhile back in the bay: 
We had a volcano of our own at the Chevron Refinery,
where there was a huge fire...

Back to reality:
A Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting!

Where I worked for the summer!

Rogue Bacon Maple beer held by a vegan!

San Francisco Night Market:

Mmm bacon maple kettle corn and the boss hog sandwich!

Hiking Mission Peaks in Fremont!

Blue skies and yellow hills

Taking Amtrak to Davis! 
Don't forget your bicycle!

Josh and Fiona on the train

Old piers in the Carquinez Straits

Having fun at the Davis Farmer's Market

Pickleweed, the cat!

About to embark on our biking adventure

Our destination? The Davis Pool!

Synchronized diving!

Put a squirrel on it!

Meanwhile back in SF:
Baby corgis came to birthday parties

Champagne and tiaras!