Monday, October 29, 2012


My trip to Ecuador:
Bahia de Caraquez

In Cuenca:
At the overlook

Beautiful Rio Tomebamba as it flows through Cuenca

Some cross section drawings...

Scary graffiti under an overpass!

Beautiful historic buildings

Spending the day with an architect at his award-winning house!

City of four rivers!

Then in Guayquil:
Big City on a river

Houses on the hill

A lonely snack stand on the riverfront promenade

Checking out the Rio Guayas

Nice river walkways

Then Bahia on the coast:
Self-proclaimed eco city!

The national beer slogan!

Eco bike taxis!

Then the beach!
It was very sunny

Boats and shacks

The main (and only road) in Canoa

And finally in Quito:
Beautiful colonial architecture

Cool bike lanes

Sunday, when bikes take over the streets for

Gondolas with bike racks!

Had the car to myself!

From the top of the TeleferiQo

Horse rental?


A day trip to the crafts market in Otavalo

Parades through old town

Beautiful Spanish colonial architecture

Ecuador was wonderful!


Here are some photos from my recent trip to Colombia:

Here is where we went:
Tayrona National Park

Waiting at the airport

On our third and final flight to connect to Cartagena

Beautiful old town Cartagena

Nice colonial architecture

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

Hiking through the jungle


Beautiful beaches!

Night hiking back :(

We found Los Angeles!

Climbing on some rocks

Rio Piedras or aptly named Boulder River

Fish for lunch!

Flying over the Andes

Medellin Metro

Slum dog

Riding the Cable Cars

Beautiful Spanish Library in the slums

Botero Statues!
The Dog

The Cat

View from the Metrocable

Riding over to another natural park, Arvi

Free Bike rental!

Biking around

Cool park facilities!

Big thumbs up to Medellin's Metro!
Improving quality of life, for sure.

Snacking on arepas on our last flight together!

Bogota: First stop?
Bogota Beer Company!

I heart BBC

Riding the TransMilenio
Bus Rapid Transit!
Buses separated from cars

Checking out Bogota's famous graffiti

The water feature on Avenida Jimenez


Taking the cable car to the top

On the edge of the world

Lunch options


Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira!

Our last night in Colombia!

Great trip!